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Drop stitched POOL
Drop stitched POOL
ICEBATH TUB with chiller, and Large drop stitched material pool
DWF Pool and ICEBATH TUB Safe DWF Pool and Icebath Tub,Customized can be used for home and large venues.
Recovery Tub Features
- Durable, made from double stitch reinforced pvc
- Easy to assemble, assemble or disassemble in 15mins
- Portable, it is lightweight and fits into a backpack - Large interior
- Double insulated cold and heat resistant wall

Reduce inflammation after intense workout 
After an intense training session it's important to give our bodies an opportunity to recuperate.
Ice bath submersion improves recovery from exersice-induced muscle injury and helps to repair demage associated with intense physical training. 

Recover faster 
Reach beyond your limits by cold conditioning your body to recover faster. 
Doing ice baths over time helps your body transform from the inside-out. Cold is your friend and 
breathing is the key. Used together,they can radically improve your life. 

  • Ice Bath Therapy - Our recovery baths will help to reduce inflammation, reduce the onset of muscle soreness, deliver higher quality sleep, increase resistance and speed up recovery. Built to the highest quality to withstand even the harshest conditions, these recovery baths will quickly become your latest training necessity.
  • Designed to Fit Most Body Types-An easy way to make cold therapy a staple in your daily wellness routine.This portable bath is designed to be lightweight and is an easy way to make cold therapy part of your daily regimen. Designed to fit most body types
  • Durable & Premium Construction-This portable ice bath, crafted from superior Polyvinyl Chloride materials, stands up to extreme temperatures without cracking or warping. It's the ideal ice tub for dependable recovery and wellness sessions.
  • Fuss Free Installation - The Ice bath requires very little maintenance and has a reassuringly easy drainage system. Simply turn the drain on the Easy Flow Drainage System at the bottom of the ice bath, rinsing the ice pod, and replacing the water every four weeks, or as preferred. Water cleanliness can be maintained by using a water stabilizer or UV purifier.
  • Ultimate Health Tool- The Ice bath tube promotes speedy muscle recovery, keeps your cold plunge in pristine condition across all 4 seasons. For a reliable ice bath tub for athletes and adults.